How to Choose a Health IT Vendor

Below are notes previously reserved for customers that we are making available to all

Vendor selection basics for the informed customer


First and foremost, understand and document your requirements.

  • Compare each vendor’s features to your requirements
  • Grade how each vendor meets each requirement
  • If a requirement is not addressed in the demo, ask a question

Key IT Requirements

  • Your data is your data
  • Your data is portable
  • Interfaces are simple, documented and platform agnostic
  • Access to your data while in service is unlimited not reliant on proprietary formats
  • Multiple infrastructure platform choices are available

Key Business requirements

  • Willing to sign a Business Associates Agreement ﴾if needed﴿
  • Service Level Agreement/Support contracts
  • Licensing details

No System is Perfect

  • Sometimes you may have to compromise on some of the aforementioned requirements
  • Be sure to mitigate the risks of not adhering to the requirements